Job Description

Assistant Coach, Vanderbilt Ice Hockey Club

The Vanderbilt University Ice Hockey Club is a student-run, coach-facilitated college hockey program that competes in the College Hockey Federation (CHF) and Southeastern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SECHC). The team prides itself on being (1) competitive, having ranked at the top of the SECHC the past two seasons; (2) complementary to the range of life-changing academic, social, and athletic opportunities that Vanderbilt has to offer; and (3) a brotherhood beyond hockey, engaging in relationships that last well beyond graduation.


The team is searching for an assistant coach who is passionate about mentorship and interested in leading our club officers and players in a collaborative manner, both on and off the ice. Along with possessing a knowledge and love for the game, our ideal assistant coach would embody and celebrate our team’s core values, stressing the importance of positive encouragement, motivation, and giving all players a chance to contribute to the team. Further, they would strive for a collaborative relationship with the head coach where their input is both valued and implemented towards team goals.


  • Assist the head coach in facilitating a discussion with the executive board regarding individual and team goals at the start of each season
  • Communicate the head coach’s practice plan with the players prior to each practice, focusing on a versatile set of drills and small area games that balance system development with fun
  • Develop various defensive systems, power-play systems, and penalty kill systems that are stressed in practice and implemented in games
  • Help facilitate video recordings of games that can be analyzed and eventually applied to future game plans
  • Assist the head coach in the preparation of a game plan, emphasizing a well-designed plan that thoughtfully considers our team’s strengths, weaknesses, style of play, and opponent
  • Advise on the team’s operational and administrative functions, including (but not limited to) budgeting, fundraising, scheduling, recruiting, marketing, and team-building
  • Encourage full player participation while keeping in mind that club members may need to occasionally miss a hockey commitment for a school, service, professional, or extra-curricular commitment


  • Demonstrates a passion and love for the game
  • Understands the game of hockey as both a coach and player
  • Able to design a practice plan and execute it on the ice
  • Makes the club a priority
  • Willing to learn about the culture we have established the past 5+ years and model their coaching style around it
  • USA Hockey Certification a plus but not required

Personal Qualities

  • Highly organized
  • Prefers to guide, not dictate as a leader
  • Understands when to delegate responsibilities to other coaches
  • Conducts himself with a high level of professionalism both on and off the ice
  • Communicates well and sets clear expectations for players
  • Takes joy in being interested in players’ lives beyond hockey
  • Encourages players to take an active role in the team, whether it be serving on the executive board or simply attending every practice and game
  • Fosters leadership and commitment among younger players
  • Provides a family atmosphere where players can forge long lasting friendships and build a legacy that they will look back fondly upon
  • Creates an inclusive environment where players of all backgrounds and skill levels feel welcome as contributing members of the club
  • Focuses on continually building and growing the program regardless of on ice success, but still holds the club to a high standard
  • Approaches players with a high level of transparency

Interested in helping lead our program?

Please reach out to We look forward to being in touch.