Mozur On: Losing … Lasting Sting or Ain’t No Thing?

Losing is never easy. The Vanderbilt Ice Hockey club learned this the hard way two weekends ago when it suffered its first two defeats of the season to Florida and Georgia. It was a rough weekend as Vandy was outhit, outshot, and (worst of all) out-fedora-ed. The gap between games has not made this reality any easier to deal with.

“For two weeks now, my nightmares have been haunted by fedoras,” said sophomore defenseman Mike Nisbet, who then broke down and could not continue the interview.

But why this sudden two game skid when all seemed to be well in the world of Vanderbilt Ice Hockey? When asked about the team’s difficulties last road trip, a devilishly handsome junior forward wearing a number 8 jersey (who requested to remain anonymous) pointed to what many have been thinking. “The ‘Last Commodore Standing’ competition at the end of practice has been neglected of late and I think this has definitely hurt our performance. How am I supposed to score on a breakaway if I’m not one-hundred percent confident that I’ll look really good while doing it?” This valid concern will certainly be something the team addresses in its practice this week. And maybe the power play too if they can get to it.

With two big games against Louisville this coming weekend, the Commodores will finally have an opportunity for the redemption they have been craving. Some may be wondering if fans will be treated to another wounded gazelle-like collapse a la Chris Sperandio, but this is unlikely. (FYI – Sperandio will be out of the lineup until second semester, when he will hopefully be making his much anticipated return to the ice.) Vandy will also be returning to the Centennial Sportsplex for the first time since opening weekend against Memphis, likely to be greeted by their usual sea of adoring groupies and fans.

Game times are 10:15pm on Friday, 11/4, and 8:15pm on Saturday, 11/5. The team cordially invites you to join the action as they look to “get off the schneid” as they say ( … they being the proverbial “they” and not the players themselves; the players have no inklings of the origin of the turn of phrase, only that Tim McCarver and Joe Buck use it very liberally during baseball broadcasts in the summer). Count on two great battles and a lot of fun at the rink!

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