“Reflections” with VU Hockey Mom Linda Oliver

In a new column we are aptly and affectionately calling “Reflections” (which, FYI, will appear regularly throughout the season), parents of our Vanderbilt hockey players will be asked to share bits of wisdom, wit, and nostalgia about their sons, the season, and life in general. The goal of the column will be two-fold: (1) to sufficiently embarrass as many players as possible with a modern/online/viral version of your mother giving you a hug and kiss at the elementary school bus stop, and (2) to throw an emotional life-line to those parents who are beside themselves with boredom now that their kids are not playing hockey six days a week. For you carpool-driving-less hockey addict parents who love to make your kids squirm, “Reflections” is your nirvana.

First up on our volunteer interviewee list? Who else but Ãœber-hockey parent Linda Oliver, mother of senior goalie and club president Brenden Oliver.

What is the best thing about being Vanderbilt Hockey’s #1 hockey mom?

Flying to Nashville to attend the games of the most intelligent, talented and best looking hockey team in the SECHC! Also, having the privilege to sit by other parents, fans and the always delightful (even after midnight) Betsy (coach’s wife).

What is the worst thing about being Vanderbilt Hockey’s #1 hockey mom?

Definitely the ice time for games- midnight, really? Also, watching any hockey player get injured.

Describe Brenden in a haiku.

Brenden tends the goal
win, lose or penalty shot 
Mom is always proud 

Where do you see Brenden in 10 years?

10 years? Married to a woman as beautiful and wonderful as Betsy Bernstein! Earning enough to support his Mother and “Aunt” Stacey’s beach habit! Loving life!

Any messages for the rest of the teams in the SECHC?

“Watch out!” 

* Note to parents: Interested in partaking in a future segment of “Reflections”? Don’t be a stranger, give us a holler at vuhockey@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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