Vandy Sweeps Emory, Endures Homecoming & Snoop Dogg

NASHVILLE, TN (ESPN8) — Following a home sweep of Emory University this past weekend, the VU hockey faithful in attendance (“Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Bernstein – party of 2?”) were left to toil over conflicting emotions and, more specifically, clichés.

A win is a win.

Not all wins are created equal.

I wonder how the Snoop Dogg concert was?

It was Vanderbilt’s homecoming weekend, the all-encompassing 72-hour parade of feasting and sport that on an annual basis commands the attention of most students on campus, including the members of the VU hockey club.  Despite a full schedule of parties, events, and celebrity performances slated for the weekend, the team demonstrated commitment to its cause by rallying to fill its rosters for both games.  Of course, that is where the similarities between the two games ended, as evidenced by the tale of the tape:

Friday night, thirteen goal margin of victory (14-1).  Saturday?  One goal (6-5).

Friday night, zero penalties (a first in VU hockey history per the Hall of Commodore Athletic Statistics).  Saturday?  Seven for seventeen minutes including the team’s first 5-minute major.

Friday night, Stephen (the Beast) Mozur and Scott McLaughlin in attendance.  Saturday night?  No Beast, No Scooter.

Friday night, no Erin Loeb.  Saturday night?  Erin Loeb, present and accounted for.

Above all of these Vanderbilt-specific stats, the biggest difference between the games lied on the Emory side of the ice.  Due to exams on Friday, Emory’s players made the Friday drive with a short bench and no goalie.  Kudos to one of their guys for stepping between the pipes versus opting for the forfeit.  While his hamstrings probably did not appreciate the gesture, the VU hockey club certainly did.

Conversely, on Saturday the pendulum swung back in the Eagles’ favor in all facets of the game.  Several players joined the squad in Nashville, including their full-time goalie, which made the contest a tight one right down to the final two minutes.  There was a penalty shot, 5-on-3 advantages for both teams, and even a tutorial from the ref on how to take a face-off.  “Never seen that before in my life,” said graduate student and defenseman Ben Loss in reference to a ref taking one of the Emory player’s sticks and demonstrating said technique.  “What a crazy game.”

In the end, the Commodores were happy to secure the win and a 4-1 start to the season.  Looking ahead, the club will be back on its home ice to play the LSU Tigers this coming weekend – 10:15pm on Friday (10/29) and 7pm on Saturday (10/30).  For more information, please reach out via the contact form on this website.

Looking forward to seeing you at Centennial!

* Special thanks to scoreboard operator Lila Totino for helping out with both games against Emory.  Lila is new to Nashville, a May 2010 graduate from Bates College who is currently working as a research assistant at Vanderbilt.  She is excited to be back around the game following her own ACHA club hockey experience back in New England.  Lila, we appreciate the help and look forward to seeing you at the rink throughout the season!

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