Career Leaders

The following Career and Season statistics are compiled based on available data starting with the 2010/11 season. Unfortunately, due to a coffee mishap in the University’s archives in the spring of 2010, historical records dating back to 1976 documenting the on-ice achievements of such Vanderbilt hockey greats as Wade “The Manitoba Moose” Cowan (’76), Stu “oooooo” Wick (’00), and Mike “V for Victory” Viscardi (’98) were lost and gone forever. Apologies to the many generations of Vanderbilt hockey alumni who will no doubt be perturbed by the results of this tally.

Goals Leader, Career

NameClass YearGoals
John Longman'17101
Ryan Doppelheuer'1742
Jack Gibbons'1639
Daniel Hogue'1538
Kyle McCann'1333

Goals Leader, Season

John Longman2014-1539
Ryan Doppelheuer2014-1536
Brad Pesce2011-1222
John Longman2015-1621
Julian Yang2022-2319

Assists Leader, Career

NameClass YearAssists
John Longman
Kyle McCann'1351
Nick Honkala'1746
Alan Leeser'1442
Daniel Hogue'1539

Assists Leader, Season

John Longman2014-1528
Brock Raffaele2015-1626
John Longman2015-1625
Nick Honkala2014-1522
Matt Kaminsky2011-1222

Points Leader, Career

NameClass YearPoints
John Longman'17187
Kyle McCann'1384
Daniel Hogue'1577
Jack Gibbons'1675
Nick Honkala'1768

Points Leader, Season

John Longman2014-1567
Ryan Doppelheuer2014-1552
John Longman2015-1646
Brock Raffaele2015-1639
Matt Kaminsky2011-1237
Julian Yang2022-2334