2013/14 Archive

The following is the updated 2013/14 Vanderbilt University Club Hockey Game Schedule.
(Note that dates and times are subject to change so please check back for the latest updates.)

Current Record: 9 – 14 – 1

9/8/13SundayVanderbilt Black & Gold GameA-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
12:50pm CT -
9/13/13FridaySouth Carolina (#2)PLEX Indoor Sports
Irmo, SC
9:00pm ETL 4-5
9/14/13SaturdayClemsonThe Pavillion
Taylors, SC
9:30pm ETW 5-1
9/15/13SundaySouth Carolina (#2)PLEX Indoor Sports
Irmo, SC
10:00am ETL 5-13
9/20/13FridayOle Miss (#7)A-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
8:30pm CTL 6-9
9/21/13SaturdayOle Miss (#7)A-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
1:45pm CTL 2-5
9/27/13FridayIndianaA-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
8:30pm CTL 1-8
9/28/13SaturdayIndianaA-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
3:00pm CTL 4-5
10/4/13FridayGeorgia Tech (#10)A-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
8:30pm CTL 6-7
(OT Shootout)
10/20/13SundayGeorgiaA-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
10:25am CTW 6-3
10/25/13FridayEastern Carolina (#5)The ICE
Cumming, GA
10:40pm ETL 2-4
10/26/13SaturdayFlorida (#9)The ICE
Cumming, GA
5:30pm ETL 2-4
10/27/13SundayFlorida (#9)The ICE
Cumming, GA
10:30am ETW 4-3
11/8/13FridayGeorgia Tech (#10)The ICE
Cumming, GA
8:20pm ETW 5-1
11/9/13SaturdayLife UniversityThe ICE
Cumming, GA
2:00pm ETL 5-10
Duluth, GA
4:00pm ETW 4-0
1/17/14FridayXavierThe Cincinnati Gardens
Cincinnati, OH
10:00pm ETL 3-6
1/18/14SaturdayXavierThe Cincinnati Gardens
Cincinnati, OH
2:00pm ETL 4-11
1/24/14FridayMemphisA-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
8:30pm CTW 14-1
1/25/14SaturdayMemphisA-Game Sportsplex
Franklin, TN
2:00pm CTW 16-5
1/31/14FridayTennesseeKnoxville (TBA)10:30pm ETW 6-2
2/1/14SaturdayTennesseeKnoxville (TBA)10:30pm ETL 4-5
2/7/14FridaySECHC Tournament
1st Round vs. Alabama
Pelham Civic Center
Pelham, AL
7:00pm CTL 2-7
2/8/14SaturdaySECHC Tournament
5th Place Game vs. Ole Miss
Pelham Civic Center
Pelham, AL
3:00pm CTL 2-9
3/30/14SundayI-40 Faceoff vs. TennesseeBridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN
1:00pm CTW 6-2

Note: The numbers next to the names of teams in the “Opponent” column indicate their current rankings in the ACHA DIII South region.