Published on September 30th, 2011 | by Stephen Mozur


Mozur On: The Bus Ride … Forward Stride or Culture Slide?

Since the dawn of time, a handful of events have radically shifted the course of human history. Last weekend’s trip to South Carolina sure looked to be one of these species-defining moments as the Vanderbilt Ice Hockey team commissioned a bus for the first time in club history. (Our former transportation method of choice, the team van, was rendered useless when Peter Dignard, the only one certified to drive it, graduated.) The ‘Dores won two close games during the trip, but the real question that was on everyone’s minds following the weekend was, “Is having a bus for road trips really a good thing?” In an effort to elucidate this question, I have resorted to writing a pros-and-cons list.

* * *
More rest. Riding in a bus affords players a great opportunity to get some sleep before games. By sleeping on the bus, the players’ bodies are also contorted in such a way that they have already more or less stretched by the time they get to the rink.
Lack of intensity. Riding in senior net minder Brenden Oliver’s car and listening to the same Taylor Swift CD on repeat five times in a row was a very effective way to build just the right amount of rage necessary to play an aggressive, physical game.
* * *
Sans Taylor Swift listening time, Oliver seems less likely to be strangled now.
Oliver is not that much less likely to be strangled.
* * *
Being together in the hours and minutes leading up to the game seemed to bring the team together.
Being separated across the length of the bus (front to back) in the moments leading up to our celebratory Chick-fil-a stop led to a harried, divisive rush to the cash registers. The damage may be lasting; only time will tell.
* * *
Having televisions and being able to watch Youngblood, Mystery Alaska, and Workaholics.
Having televisions and being forced to watch the Mighty Ducks.
* * *
Having a bathroom on the bus.
Having a bathroom on the bus.
* * *

Final verdict? The bus was OK but Mr. Charles was awesome so I guess the prospect of reserving another charter in the club’s future gets my seal of approval.

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