New Practice Ritual Has VU Goalie Whining

The club’s new end-of-practice ritual, a “last Commodore standing” penalty shot contest, has junior goalie Brenden Oliver whining about everything from the pace of skaters firing in on net to his perceived lack of incentive to perform.

Coach, what’s in it for me?  How can I score?

Why can’t we take more breaks?

My toe hurts.

Why can’t we shoot on that end of the ice? It has much better lighting.

Fortunately for Brenden, his teammates focus more on the significant value that the junior goalie provides to the club rather than his more high maintenance tendencies.  They can put up with a little complaining if it means that Mr. Oliver continues to show up to every practice and game, perform ably in net, manage the club’s administrative needs, and offer rides to and from campus to our freshmen and sophomores.

“You just learn to tune it out,” said Stephen “The Beast” Mozur.

Well said Beast, as always.

* * *

You can find pictures of the club’s first two LCS penalty shot winners – Kyle “Go-Go-Gadget Arms” Stachowiak and Tom “______” Trepanier – on the photo page of this site.  Be sure to check back throughout the season for updates on the latest names to be etched onto the virtual wall of glory that is the LCS winner board.

Great non-VU hockey video to finish up the post strong, courtesy of the De Smet Hockey Club in St. Louis:

Looking forward to concluding a great semester with a solid weekend in Louisville.  Thanks to everyone for their continued support and appreciation, it’s been a terrific ride thus far!

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