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Weekend Set Versus The LSU Tigers CANCELLED

It will be all quiet on the frozen front in Nashville this weekend as the LSU Tigers opted to cancel their road trip to Music City. Due to injuries and other extenuating circumstances with the team, Coach Troy Bennett was forced to make the tough decision to forfeit the weekend set.

Apologies to those fans who were planning to attend, namely the Ben Gatlin Fan Club and team mom Linda Oliver.  Recognizing that these were the last two home games of the semester, we apologize for depriving you of your hockey fix and can only hope that you’ll survive until we are back at it in January.  (Remember that the Predators are just a couple miles down the road playing some decent hockey … a great filler while you are anticipating seeing Digs, Maggs, Trep, McCann, and B.O. back in action.)

Stay tuned to VanderbiltHockey.com for updates on the remaining away games coming up in the next few weeks, plus player profiles and reports from our midweek practices.  Happy Halloween and apologies once again, we wish you all well.


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