Vandy Completes Dominant Weekend Set With 12-4 Win

Another game, another impressive 12-4 win by the Vanderbilt Hockey Club over Auburn.  Also, another onslaught of penalties.

“I’ve never had four penalties in a game in my life,” explained sophomore Chris Sperandio following a third period interference minor.  “Never happened before.  Ever.”

“I think Chris’s mind was focused elsewhere, possibly on a test coming up next week.  Or more than likely on the luau party that was apparently following the game,” speculated Coach Thomas Bernstein.  “Seriously though, I’ll chalk up the penalties to opening weekend rustiness.  Moving forward, I’m trusting that the boys will clean things up.”

Following another pattern of the weekend, the club spread its 12 goals across each of its 4 lines, a testament to the depth of this year’s squad.  Junior goalie Brenden Oliver explained that, “This is the best we’ve ever looked, at least since I’ve been at Vandy.  If we can make sure guys show up for games, I think we’ll make some noise this year.”

His lips to God’s ears.  For now?  So far, so good for the ole ‘dores.

*  The next game will be away versus Alabama on October 1st at 8pm.
**  Updated stats from the weekend are posted on the “Player Stats” page.

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