“Reflections” with VU Hockey Dad Tom Trepanier

“Reflections” is a column where Vanderbilt hockey parents answer a few questions about their sons, the season, and life in general. In doing so, the hope is to both light-heartedly embarrass the guys with a modern/online/viral version of their mothers giving them hugs at the elementary school bus stop, and also throw an emotional life-line to those parents who are beside themselves with boredom now that their kids are not playing hockey six days a week. For you carpool-driving-less hockey addict parents who love to make your kids squirm, “Reflections” is your nirvana.

This week’s “Reflections” submission comes from Tom Trepanier, father of senior assistant captain Tom Trepanier, Jr.

How would you describe Tom?

Tom is awesome. He is funny, energetic, thoughtful, smart and great to be around (unless you wake him up early on the weekend).

What do you miss most about watching Tom play hockey every week?

The camaraderie of the team and the parents. A guarantee of a fun Saturday night. The goals. The rivalry between John Jay and Arlington. I also miss all the way back to mite hockey- the 5 AM trips to the rink with him sitting next to me in hockey pants bigger than him! Pam and I will be at as many games as we can this year and we are looking forward to them.

What made Tom a good hockey player back in his high school days?

Hustle, guts, determination, team play and speed.

What kind of “Hockey Dad” are you?

A dad that loved coaching the boys through bantams (From Plymouth, Ma. to Baton Rouge, La,). Perhaps a BIT overly enthusiastic at the rink!

What is the thing you do as a Dad that embarrasses Tom the most?

Yelling ‘Go Treppy’ when the rink is otherwise silent. Many others that I am sure he can fill you in on.

Any suggestions or words of encouragement for the Vanderbilt hockey team heading into 2010/11?

You ‘Dores have a great team with class kids that also happen to be excellent hockey players. From ’08-’09 with six kids travelling to Arkansas to 15-3-1 and the I40 Challenge victory. This is the year you guys can take that momentum and smoke the SEC. Go VU Hockey!

* Note to parents: Interested in partaking in a future segment of “Reflections”? Don’t be a stranger, give us a holler at vuhockey@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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